Company Advantage

These 3 points are closely coordinating with each other to ensure that all information being presented are consistent – thereby driving the timelines faster and approvals released earlier. The same strategy has been done in other trials which makes the team different from any other CROs. Close Coordination between three points to ensure consistency of information and to drive approval timelines faster.

Regulatory – PPR ensures close coordination with different stakeholders to ensure that there is no bottleneck in the review and approval process. Start up processes are streamlined to ensure that the timelines are fast-tracked

Operations – Operations team composed of experienced individuals all with clinical trial experience. Quality will be the most important aspect and ensure that the sites are audit ready at all times.

Site – Selecting the suitable site is very important in the conduct of the study. PPR has a roster of Qualified Investigators who are already pre-qualified with known experience and good performance in their respective fields.


  Biologics/ Vaccines
  Medical Devices
Epidemiological Studies
Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Studies (Generics, Herbals, etc)
Post Marketing Surveillance Studies